lost and found things

lost and found things

vintage and preloved things

Foreign Scrabble sets!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know I am constantly on the look out for old Scrabble sets to stock in my Etsy shop, the letter tiles are perfect for crafting with. Well last week I found two sets, but they weren’t the sets I am used to seeing.

The first was an Australian version, published and distributed by T.R. Urban & Co., Sydney under licence from Production & Marketing Company USA.  There aren’t many differences from my English versions, except obviously where it was made, and the box and back of the board are a maroon colour. There are four wooden tile racks and the black letter tiles are a little more solid than the British version which means they’ll be much easier to glue a badge back or magnet on to.

black scrabble tiles in a bowl

I also found an Official Scrabble Brand game of Anagrams at our local car boot sale. It was a steal at 50p and strangely is also Australian, produced in Australia for Scrabble (Australia) Pty. Ltd. There’s not too much to this game other than a sand timer and bag of tiles. Like the other version I found the tiles are solid but the letters are printed in red. The instructions are printed inside the lid of the box which dates from 1972.

red scrabble tiles in a bowl

I’m very happy to have found so many letter tiles to get creative with!

Swap goodies

The other week I told you about a couple of swaps I had joined in with. I enjoyed the challenge of both of them, it’s nice to try something a bit different and I’ll definitely be joining in with them again. As I’ve already written about what I sent, I thought I would share what I received.

First of all I had a lovely parcel from the #bottleupsummer swap.


My partner Claire sent me a really well themed summer package which included paper straws, paper pinwheels, pretty postcards and a beautiful machine embroidered seaside picture. I packed the paper pinwheels as we were away in Devon last week and my children used them on their sandcastles. Thanks Claire!


I also took part in #theflatswap. Again I received a lovely parcel containing a handmade purse, handmade paper banner, altered vintage photograph and recipe for French Madelines.


It was all beautifully put together and a joy to open.


It’s a lovely way of making new online friends and I love the chance to spend some time thinking a little creatively for once.

After dinner game anyone?

I’ve been obsessed with vintage board games for a while now. Part of it is trying to re-create the games my grandparents kept in their wardrobe which we were allowed to play with when we visited. They had a great collection which included Tell Me, a metal wind up car racing game, a magnetic fishing and more, all stored in a green enamel bread bin. When they died I really wanted to take all of these with me, just to preserve the memories, but I couldn’t and I suppose I’ve regretted it ever since. What a sentimental old fool I am!

snakes and ladders

Fast forward 20 years and I have my own growing collection of vintage games. Most of the tokens and pieces are destined for my little Etsy shop. I wanted to recycle as much of the game as possible so have been dreaming of a display of game boards in our dining room.

vintage cluedo

Last week was spent de-cluttering re-organising the sideboard which has left a lovely large wall space, perfect for a little display. I’ve been playing around with the boards hoping for some inspiration, and to try and prove to my husband that it will look great.

old board games

I love these boards. Not only are they totally nostalgic of my childhood, but they are sturdy, colourful and a real conversation piece.

creating a vintage wall display

I’m not sure what the finished layout will be but I’m convinced that this will bring some much needed colour to the wall. I’d love to know what you think, crazy or cool?

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Win Rescue Cream and Balm from Nelsons

Spring is a funny time of year, the sun is shining but it can still be cold, wet and windy (yep, we had hailstones last week!). I try to get everyone out and about in between the spring showers to soak up the beautiful sunlight. My skin still requires attention and I’m a huge fan of Rescue products from Nelsons, the leading provider of natural healthcare products. Rescue is a trusted well-being brand based on the combination of five Bach Original Flower Essences – Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Cherry Plum.

Rescue is available in many user-friendly options from Rescue Gummy Stars to Rescue Night, Liquid Melts, Chewing Gun and Pastilles. All really useful products for when you need to get the most from your busy day, or a little help switching off at night.

Two of my must-have products are Rescue Cream and Balm. The 24-hour intensive moisturising Cream for face and body, and Balm for the lips and temples, can help revive dry, tired and sensitive skin. They are great for reviving tired skin and the perfect size for popping in your handbag or make up bag.

Rescue Cream and Balm

I have a Rescue Cream and Balm from Nelsons to giveaway. These are great little products and perfect for skin in need of a little protection. For your chance to win please complete the Rafflecopter form below.
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Lotto or House game

Last week we popped to Uxbridge. There’s only one charity shop I try to get to as I usually find some vintage games for my stash and they have a good selection of toys my children love to look through too. I spotted a Lotto or House set for 60p, the box was a little damaged but the contents are in great condition.

vintage Lotto game

I’ve been on the look out for some wooden number counters for ages so was really pleased to pick up this little set which was complete. The game contained number cards, a checking chart, wooden counters, pack of three dice and a bag of plastic counters.

vintage Lotto game

The instructions are printed inside the lid.

vintage game pieces

I love it and am sad to split it all up but I want to upcycle the wooden counters.

vintage game counters

They’re quite thin but I’m going to try and drill through them, they’d made a great necklaces or brooch.

I’ve been trying to research the date but I haven’t been able to find another set with quite the same illustration on the front. I think it was made by Harlesden as it mentions the “Harlesden” series of games and was made in England.

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